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We are excited to begin The Psychological Health Collaborative (PHC) blog series with a simple introduction to who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Several years ago, three seasoned psychologists had a dream of creating a group practice that not only would allow them to collaborate with each other but also with other expert professionals in fields closely related to psychology. Each having worked in medical centers at various points in our careers, all three of us value the opportunity to work directly with others who can help our patients achieve better mental and physical health. Additionally, because all three of us work with children and their families, we well know the value of collaborating with anyone who impacts the family system and the individuals within it. Communication is key in collaboration. Thus, we began our quest to create a practice that would allow skilled, science-based professionals of different disciplines, under one roof, to help children, adolescents and adults who struggle with psychological issues.

We value empirically based treatments (i.e., therapies that are supported by scientific data) and know from our years of experience that when flexibly applied to psychological issues, these approaches work! Whether our patients are attempting to better deal with issues related to chronic pain, OCD, socialization or learning differences, we want to offer them state of the art help. We and our team of collaborators strive to stay abreast of current treatment recommendations and enjoy attending trainings and workshops to sharpen our skills.

Our current team includes the primary partners (Drs. Conte, Klass and Velting) as well as a psychoeducational specialist, a nutritionist, a college coach/organizational consultant, an ABA specialist, and an integrative educational/mindfulness specialist.  We also are fortunate to have three psychologists (Drs. D’Accordo, Perret and Shockey) working with us whom hold permits to practice psychology but are still working towards their required licensure hours in New York state. We hand-picked these psychologists because of their dedication to empirically validated, collaborative approaches to treatment, and we individually supervise them to help fine-tune their already superb therapy and assessment skills. Including our permit holder psychologists in our practice allows us to help those people we can’t see ourselves because we are already filled to capacity, as well as to help those who cannot afford the full fee. We are very proud of our group and the work we do. Please feel free to contact us with any questions through our website link or even by phone! We also have an amazing assistant who will guide you through the process of choosing a therapist in our practice or help you find an appropriate outside referral.

We look forward to writing future blogs that will inform you of our work and also others’ work that may help you in your own quest for mental and physical wellness! Check back here regularly or like us on Facebook to receive notices when we post new blogs.

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