What We Do

Individual Therapy

We provide individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Our psychologists are specially trained to provide cognitive-behavioral assessment and treatment and our approach to many issues is practical and solution oriented.

Family Therapy

A family has its own structure and patterns of communication and therapy for the family as a whole can be helpful in overcoming major obstacles. This process is also flexible and often family sessions are used within the framework of individual therapy.

Group Therapy

The approach of group therapy is often treatment of choice to practice social skills and to learn productive ways of managing stress and social anxiety.

Process Psychological Evaluations

The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate children’s learning strengths and needs in order to formulate a learning profile and plan for success in school. Most important is to ensure that the evaluations are meaningful and can be applied to the child’s school setting. Referral concerns include, but are not limited to, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and mood and anxiety disorders.

ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

is the next generation of of cognitive-behavior therapy. Empirically validated for treatment of anxiety, depression and pain, ACT focuses on a compassionate and accepting form of CBT that highlights living better with the challenges of life.


A computer-based intervention that can complement traditional approaches to handling pain and anxiety for children and adults.

School Collaboration

We review school documents and assessments, and accompany parents to 504 and IEP meetings. In addition we provide consultation to teachers by parent request, teacher training, and staff in-services on a variety of childhood and adolescent issues that may impact functioning in the school setting. We work in the school along with the administrators, and mental health personnel to provide the most efficient intervention we can.

Parent Training

Many parents benefit from a discussion of strategies for the behavioral management of their children. This process may include identifying problematic areas for intervention, developing an understanding of behavioral triggers, creating a consistent plan for parents to enact, and following behavioral improvement over time. We are flexible in our approach and parents may choose between regular appointments or occasional consultation when needed.

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