Mindful Nutrition

We were so happy to recently host the first of a series of Mindful Nutrition workshops led by Dr. Jill Silverman. This week Dr. Jill led an important discussion covering topics of serving sizes, smart grocery shopping and the importance of whole foods. She shared some of her favorite brands with us and even brought in samples for us to try. Dr. Jill gave us pointers on how to be a more knowledgeable consumer when shopping and reading nutrition facts on food labels.

“In this fast paced world of smart phones, deadlines and countless responsibilities, many of us are eating on the run – or eating mindlessly” remarked Dr. Jill on the auto-pilot eating methods to which many of us have become accustomed. Dr. Jill explained that eating is a sensory process that requires our full engagement and attention. We can cultivate better awareness of this process by eating mindfully and really noticing how our food looks, feels, smells, and – of course – how it tastes. Dr. Jill introduced some small steps we can take to become more present with this process and have more mindful eating experiences.

Contact us to find out more about upcoming events with Dr. Jill or to meet with one of our clinicians who provide mindfulness training.

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